What is the ZUMBATOMIC® Program?


ZUMBATOMIC® is a registered trademark of  ZUMBA® Fitness, LLC.  ZUMBATOMIC®is a specially designed class for children at the recommended agae group 4-12.


ZUMBA® Fitness has divided the age ranges into two primary groups:

Age 4-7              Lil' Starz

Age 8-12           Big Starz




The overall goal was to create a fun, healthy program for children using the ZUMBA® Fitness concept. ZUMBA® Fitness  developed a storyline (for DVD's and a comic book) to intigue children to watch, learn and choose a parth toward a healthy lifestyle. The story was about a fictional scientis named Mr. Tomic who was looking for the formula for happiness. After many trials, he discovered that the formula is dance, music and exercise. That's wehn he stumbles upon ZUMBATOMIC® - an expolison of music, dance energy.


The ZUMBATOMIC® music is 100 percent kid-friendly with songs, dances and actions that promote the overall theme of a healthy lifestyle. The music for ZUMBATOMIC® was specifically written with these goals in mind.