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  What is Zumba Sentao™ 


The ZUMBA Sentao™ program combines stenght and resistance training with innovative dance-fitness moves, all centered around a chair. Infused with the famous ZUMBA® party atmospher and energizing world rhythms, this never-before-seen workout tones muscles, strengthens the core and torches calries in a qunique and consistently thrilling way.


Pleasure and passion go hand-in-hand with the ZUMBA Sentao™ program. 


  • It's engaging. The ZUMBA Sentao™ program has it all - the music, the moves and the magic.

  • It's fun. The program features a series of invigorating dance-fitness moves that not only can be done by everyone, but movements that you as a participant will thoroughly enjoy doing. Collectively, the moves enliven the brain, as well as the body.

  • It's easy. With a chair as your dance partner, you will find the exercises challenging, but not too demanding.

  • It's an all-in-one workout. The program provides a total-body workout. It helps to develop the participant's level of cardiovascular (hear-lung) fitness, increases their muscular strength and endurance and enhances their ability to move through a full range of motion (flexibility).

  • It's effective. The ZUMBA Sentao™ program produces results that will make you want to continue engaging in the program. There is no better way to burn calories, shed unwanted pounds or maintain total body weight thatn to engage in
  • 30-50 minutes of high-octane joy. Regular participation in classes help to increase the lean body mass and decrease overall body fat.





    Who is Zumba Sentao™ for? 


    ZUMBA Sentao™ is the ideal program for individuals interested in improving and enhancing their health, well-being and appearance. It delivers the expansive array of benefits that are derived from being physically active.


    ZUMBA Sentao™ is designed for everyone - all ages, sizes and fitness levels. This class provides a total body workout while being challenging and fun!  




    The ZUMBA Sentao™ program is the rarest of all things - an exercise experience based on authoritative research that offers participants a fun, results-oriented class format in which they can achieve their personal fitness goals. The ZUMBA Sentao™ program changes the way you feel about exercise.


    Physiological Benefits
    • Increased maximal oxygen uptake
    • Decreased heart rate and blood pressure at a given submaximal intensity
    • Increased aerobic and anaerobic threshold
    • Reduced resting systolic/diastolic pressures
    • Increased serum high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and decreased serum triglycerides
    • Reduced total body fat, and intraabdomnal fat
    • Decreased risk of disease
    Psychological Benefits 
    • Decreased anxiety and depression
    • Enhanced physical function and independent living in older persons
    • Enhanced feelings of well being
    • Enchanced performance of work, recreational and sport activities