I always have lots of fun in class. I have been doing Zumba with Laurice for over 2 years, it has helped with my weight loss and I love the fact that no 2 classes are the same. Would recommended this class to all, do not worry if you do not remember the steps just dance and enjoy!
Zumba with Laurice is a fun and exciting way to exercise and a great way to keep in shape.Highly recommend it, in particular Zumba step!
I have always loved dancing so I decided to give Laurice's Zumba® classes a go. I have never experienced Zumba® dancing until now. I have only just started and my first class was so much fun, energetic and motivating. I felt welcomed by Laurice and all the people that take part in the class and even though I didn't know the steps (still don't) it doesn't matter as there are others just the same, it's just such a laugh learning. I am really enjoying Zumba® and I would like to try some of the other classes such as Zumba® Step as I feel it is a great way to keep in shape and have fun at the same time.
Zumba with Laurice has been a brilliant way for me to have fun with exercise over the past 3 and a half years. I enjoy the music and the way It motivates me to keep going. The zumba step is great especially for your legs and I have enjoyed trying something new.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my Zumba experience with Laurice exercising to music is possibly the best way forward as it's not only fun but a great way to keep fit & reduce the waist lline!! It really doesn't feel like your exercising as the class varies so much in age you all feel at the same level. A great way to keep fit I would recommend this class for all ages & all fitness levels.
I love that Zumba combines dancing with exercise, my fitness and stamina have improved since starting classes . I'm also enjoying Zumba Step my legs are begining to feel more toned . Above all it's fun !!
I started going with my mum and her friend 3 years ago. I never thought I would enjoy an exercise class but but I go back week after week, I even find myself humming the tunes during the week. I also have muscle in places I didn't realise I had them! I've also done Zumba® Sentao which is different and so beneficial. You will always be told what muscles you should be feeling so that you can adjust what you're doing if you want to improve.
Zumba with Laurice is an hour long high energy party. The whole class make exercise fun, music gets you motivated right from the start. I have been to both zumba and zumba step and enjoyed them both.
I decided to try Zumba after my 60 year old Mum told me how she loved her local class. (This from the lady who gave up on aerobics because she got fed up always going in the wrong direction!) Once I started, I loved it so much I ended up doing Laurice's classes 3 times a week! I now want to train as an instructor. Zumba is like a party with friends - everyone smiles, laughs and gets fit while having a good time. Laurice tailors the classes so that each person can get involved no matter what their co-ordination or fitness level. I lost lots of weight and toned up doing the classes. In fact I managed to loose half a stone in 2 months and looked fab on my wedding day last December. Try Zumba - you'll love it!
I find the class motivating and energising. I feel I benefit a lot. It has helped my stamina and strength.